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Blogger Outreach

Your source for editorial in-content links and mentions on high-quality independent websites.

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Creating the perfect blogger outreach

We are committed to providing the best, highest-quality contextual backlinks.

Genuine Outreach

100% Genuine Blogger Outreach. Guaranteed Placement on real high authority niche related websites.

Contextual Backlinks

We place your links within the body of the content as part of the flow.

Highest Quality Content

We use high-quality, native English speaking writers to craft superb content that is both high-quality and unique.

High Domain Authority (DA)

In addition to not using private blog networks (PBN), we outreach to sites with high Domain Authority, high number of referring domains and good Trust Flow score.


Is using blogger outreach ethical?

Certainly. Editorial links – links that come from quality content – can be created with different marketing techniques without crossing the line into paid link territory. Blogger outreach creates these links and places them on websites as part of the content. Links are not standalone and are placed in an impartial and non-promotional fashion.

Do I need to write the content?

No. We have an in-house team of skilled writers and editors that create all of the unique content your links will go in. These talented professionals are trained by us to create natural, magazine quality articles to incorporate your links.

What metric benchmarks do you offer?

You can choose the DA (Domain Authority) metrics that your need. Our minimum metric is DA10. All DA metrics are guaranteed at the time of placement.

Who decides what the content is about?

We do. To ensure that the link to your website is a natural, organic part of the content – that it doesn’t stand out as an obvious ploy to click the link – the content has to be written as non-promotional and impartial. Since different websites have different focuses, we choose the topics of content. Additionally, many of the sites we place content on have specific conditions for content (i.e. educational, entertaining, etc.) and we want to keep the relationship with these websites positive.

Can we approve or edit the content or approve the websites it is being placed on?

No. Since the content written is not a direct reflection on your company or product and needs to fit the websites current content it is unnecessary, and often detrimental, to have you edit or approve the content. You can, however, watch the placement process from your dashboard and we are happy to receive feedback about the process. Our staff is trained to create content and make placements that are natural and conducive to the creation of high-quality editorial links. We do have examples of the placement process and you could always take a trial of our service to ensure that we are a good fit with your company.

Geographically, where do you take orders from? Where do your links appear?

We take orders from all over the world. Our primary customer base is in Australia, the US and the UK but we have clients from around the globe. Our placements are normally on US, UK and worldwide TLD’s (.com, .org, net, etc.).

How are the links placed?

Since editorial links in the body of content are a major part of SEO ranking, we ensure that all links are placed naturally in the content. They are designed to be a flowing part of the narrative we create. Other – non-competing – links will be incorporated into the content to solidify the organic flow of the content. We do not use author boxes.

How long does the placement last?

In most cases, placements are permanent. As long as the placement website is in existence, the content – with your link – will exist. However, since some blogs change focus or close, we guarantee 90 days of placement for each order. For your information, our placement drop is at less than 1%.

What happens if you can’t find a placement website for my content?

If, in the rare circumstance, we can’t find an applicable website, we will refund your money. The only time that might happen is if you are in a very specific niche field that has limited appeal and less web presence. It hasn’t happened, yet, but we are sensible of the possibility.

Do you create placements for gambling, legal pharmaceuticals or adult sites?

We can, yes, but it is difficult to build lasting relationships in these fields. Contact us for specific information and to create a specific plan for your needs.

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