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Blogger Outreach $135

Content from $50

Local Citation $10


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Premium Link Building Services

Genuine Bloggers. Great Content. Niche Related.
DA 20 to DA 70 Contextual Backinks

FROM $135

Guaranteed Placement


Blogger Outreach Backlinks

DA 25 to DA 70 Contextual Backlinks.

100% Genuine Website & Blog Owners.


Content Writing Services

AU, US & UK Copywriting

Hassle Free Quality Content


Local Citation Submissions

100% NAP Consistency, Manual Submissions

Transparent Reporting


Blog Placements DA 20+

$135/DA 20+ Placement

  • DA 20+ Websites (Trust Flow 10+ Typical Average)
  • Magazine Quality Content (500+ Words Included)
  • Manage Live Progress (Track in Your Dashboard)
  • Expected Order Completion (Approx 4 Weeks)

Blog Placements DA 30+

$175/DA 30+ Placement

  • DA 30+ Websites (Trust Flow 10+ Typical Average)
  • Magazine Quality Content (500+ Words Included)
  • Manage Live Progress (Track in Your Dashboard)
  • Expected Order Completion (Approx 4 Weeks)

Blog Placements DA 40+

$225/DA 40-70 Placement

  • DA 40+ Websites (Trust Flow 10+ Typical Average)
  • Magazine Quality Content (500+ Words Included)
  • Manage Live Progress (Track in Your Dashboard)
  • Expected Order Completion (Approx 4 Weeks)

Magazine Quality Content

From $50/500 Words

  • From $50 (Research & Writing)
  • Quality Content (Remarkable, Crisp & Creative)
  • AU, UK & US Copywriting (English Content)
  • Fast Turnaround (From 7 Days)

Citation Submissions


  • Citation Submissions (100% Manual Submissions)
  • 4 Supported Countries (UK, USA, Australia & Canada)
  • White Label Report (Live Links & Screenshots
  • Expected Order Completion (Approx 10 Days)

Your source for editorial in-content links and mentions on high-quality independent websites.

  • We find the opportunities
  • We write the high-quality content
  • We secure the placement
  • Very High Metrics DA 20 – DA 70
  • Done by our Australian & European Teams
  • Your Choice of Author/Persona



Once we receive your order, we search our growing database of relationships and reach out to already existing bloggers and/or approach new placement opportunities. We check the Metrics such as DA, TF, TF/CF to ensure the quality before we outreach.

We write the content

Creating content that will complement the site owners, while promoting your product, is our next step. We maintain a talented team of copywriters to craft the perfect content for any websites.


We insure that your links are a natural part of the content with editorial links being the only kind we use. We take the time to make sure that content fits both websites and create natural editorial links between them.


Once all backlinks are live, we send you the white label report. We are more than happy to give you the credit for placement of high metric contextual backlink.

Need more than 10 Backlinks? Give us a Call to discuss.


In the context of SEO, content is king. The second most important factor is quality backlinks to relevant content. Our blogger outreach service will get you both the content and the backlinks to strengthen your SEO and provide you with real traffic.


Finding quality bloggers can be a long and arduous process. Although seemingly simple on the surface, the process is time consuming and creates the potential for frustration or worse.

In simplified terms, the process consists of:

  1. Search for bloggers who write in the customer’s field;
  2. Vet each and every blogger for the qualities that our customers are looking for;
  3. Build relationships with the bloggers;
  4. Approach the blogger to place links on their site;
  5. If the blogger agrees, write high-quality content for the blogger’s website;
  6. Submit the content to the blogger for approval;
  7. Make edits to content, keeping both the customer and the blogger in mind;
  8. Once the content has been approved, the customer has a new, relevant backlink.

Although none of the steps – on their own – are difficult, following the process is more than most companies can or would do. That is where we step in. To save your company work hours that they cannot afford, we have already created the recruitment process.

  • Make it memorable
  • Make it short
  • Make it easy to spell
  • Avoid hyphens
  • Avoid trademarked names
  • Include relevant keywords


There are significant advantages to using our service, including:

  • Time saving
  • Maintaining your focus on your business
  • Knowing that top quality backlinks are being created
  • Increased SEO and organic traffic

All of these advantages happen with no oversight from you and without impacting your time.

What you need, when you need it

To get the quality backlinks you need, our outreach program is geared toward keeping your focus on your business. We handle all of the time-consuming grind work. Bloggers, SEO agencies and individuals use our service to make their life and work easier and more profitable.

The Results You Want and Need

SEO is all about driving readers to your website. More readers mean more traffic. More traffic means more money. It’s as simple as that. The more traffic your site has, the more money it makes. Our service provides that traffic.

The two most important factors in SEO ratings are content and backlinks. Both drive organic search traffic and increasing your traffic is the reason for what we do.


  1. Genuine outreach

We don’t use Private Blog Networks (PBN) to make it seem like there are independent links. We use genuine blogs through our outreach program and have no access or control of the sites where your backlinks will be placed. They are independent and, for SEO purposes, of higher quality than PBN links.

  1. Links are placed in the content

In addition to looking more natural, link placement in the body of the article gives it context and legitimizes the backlink. We avoid gimmicky backlinks because they don’t work well and leave a large footprint.

  1. Multiple high-quality links

In addition to having the link in the content, other – high quality – links add credibility to your product or service. All content will have at least two other outbound links.

  1. High quality content written by native English speakers

The only people who can write like native English speakers are native English speakers. No translation program can match the fluency of real writers with a firm, lifelong grounding in their own language.

  1. You receive white label reports

We are more than happy to give you the credit for successful link building.


Are your links “safe”?

Editorial links, that are relevant, are the safest links you can have. Note, however, that “active” link procurement is contrary to Google’s policies and there is some degree of risk.

What are “editorial links?

Editorial links result from a site having quality content. They are not paid links or directly requested.

Are there restrictions on web content or sites?

We pride ourselves on the many niches we create backlinks for, but we will NOT accept websites or content that contains illegal content, products, or services. We also do not accept links or websites that contain hateful, defamatory or objectionable content targeted at any group, race, sexual orientation or gender of any people. Additionally, we do not accept content or websites that involve any drug use (legal or illegal), gambling, cruelty to animals or adult content.

Can I write the anchor text?

Yes. There is a caveat, however. You cannot use geo-targeted anchors because they are a signal of spam and we do not wish to jeopardize our relationship with our partners. Relationship building is hard and we like to avoid shooting ourselves in the foot.

Can I approve the content or sites pre-publication?

We do not allow pre-approval of content for independent sites. The content is written by ghost bloggers in a professional non-promotional manner. Allowing customers to approve or edit the content is unnecessary and makes the process slower.

How do refunds work?

Because of the time and effort required to create content and land backlinks, we do not offer refunds.

Special support

Our five star supports provide all the aspects of installation, troubleshooting, service, upgrades, and maintenance for the projects we take. We are available to respond to any issues or questions you may have. Our Support Forum is at your disposal at any time.

24/7 Support

We employ a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents that are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have

Community Forum

Our forum is a great place to get support as well. You can access our Support Forum and Knowledge Base for other frequently asked questions

Online Chat

Chat online with a Technical Support Engineer to get help. Our technical support staff are available 24 x 7 for online chat.

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